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Mandatory Disclosure Formal (M.D.F.) :

1.    Details of the Institution:

    1.1    Name of the Institution:    Smt. Sarbati Devi Mahila T.T. College

    1.2    Date of Establishment:                      13-9-2007                           

    1.3    Complete Postal Address:    Near N. H. 8, Choaki Gordhanpura Bus Stand, P.O.

Gordhanpura, Tehsil - Kotputali

State- Rajasthan, India.

    1.4    Phone:    8890490205, 9024793255

    1.5    Fax:                                                                                          

    1.6    Email:                                      info@sarbatidevimahilattcollege.org 

    1.7    Website Address:                http://www.sarbatidevimahilattcollege.org 

    1.8    Nearest Railway Station:    Neem ka Thana

    1.9    Nearest Town:                       Kotputali

    1.10    Type of Institution:             Girls

    1.11    Status of Institution:          Non - Minority


2.    Management:

    2.1    Government Owned:             

    2.2    Govt. Aided:                              

    2.3    Self-Financed:                Yes

    2.4    University Department:                           No           

    2.5    Any Other (please specify):                                    


3.    Details of the course applied for:

    3.1    Level of the Course:                    B. Ed.

    3.2   Name of the Teacher

            Education Course:                         B.Ed.

    3.3   Duration of The Course:              2 Years

    3.4   Whether to be conducted in

            face to face or distance mode:    face-to-face

    3.5   Proposed Intake:                                                     

    3.6   Academic Session from which

             the course will be conducted:    2008-09

    3.7   Details of the Affiliating Body

            Name:                                                University of Rajasthan, Jaipur

            Address/Tel/Fax No.:                     Near Birla Temple, J.L.N. Marg, Jaipur


4.    Land:


    4.1   Land Area in sq. mt.:                                     2500 sq. mt. 

    4.2  Whether the Title of the land is on

            Ownership basis:                                            Yes      

    4.3  Title of land is on lease as per law:                          

    4.4   Duration of the lease:                                                 

    4.5  Land Use Certificate obtained

            for Educational Institution:                          Yes



5.    Building:

    5.1   Construction of the building is completed:                                      Yes  

    5.2   Building is yet to be constructed:                                                       No

    5.3  Building is fire safety-proof:                                                                Yes 

    5.4  Building is disabled friendly:                                                                Yes   

    5.5  Common rooms for boys/girls available:                                        Yes 

    5.6  Date of completion of the Building:                                           31-Oct-1015

    5.7  Covered Area in sq. mt.:                                                                3000 Sq. Mtrs.

    5.8  Number of Classrooms:                                                                         4         

    5.9  Other Facilities:                                                                                      Library, Playground, Toilets, Canteen, Hostel, Laboratories    




6.  Library:

    6.1  The Library has separate reference section/

            Journals section and reading room:                                           Yes

    6.2  Number of books in the library:                                                     3800 Books

    6.3  Total Number of educational

            Journals / periodicals being subscribed:                                      10 

    6.4  Number of Encyclopedias available in the reference section

           of the library:                                                                                          10   

    6.5  Number of books available in the reference section

            of the library:                                                                                         3800   


    6.6  Seating capacity of the reading room of the library:                  60 students


7.  Instructional Facilities:

    7.1  Details of laboratories available (pl attach annexure)

    7.2  Arrangement made for practice teaching:                               click here

    7.3  Number and Name of school(s) for practice teaching:        Total 7 Schools

Click here for list of schools for practice teaching


8.  Man Power (Photographs of Teaching faculty should be displayed):

    8.1  Details of proposed / appointed teaching staff                   click here

(Date of birth, Qualification, Professional Qualification and other relevant information)

    8.2  Details of proposed/ appointed non-teaching staff:              click here



9.  Facilities for games & sports:

    9.1  Own Playground:                                                                                            Yes 

    9.2  Playground of another institution on sharing basis:                             No 

    9.3  Gymnasium/Multipurpose hall:                                                                    Yes 

    9.4  Facilities for gymnasium:                                                                              No 

    9.5  Facilities for athletics:                                                                                    Yes

    9.6  Facilities for Indoor Games:                                                                          Yes

    9.7  Facilities for Outdoor Games:                                                                       Yes


10. Other facilities available:

    10.1  Canteen facilities available or not:                                                            Yes 

    10.2  Medical facilities available or not:                                                              Yes 

    10.3  Hostel facilities available or not:                                                                No 


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